Idag blir det en helt fullspäckad dag. Började dagen med en 90 minuter lång massage och ansiktsbehandling på nuna i Växjö. Första gången jag går på en ordentlig massage och det var såå skönt! Blev skrubbad, masserad med olja och ansiktet blev behandlat med olika krämer. Är dock helt slut nu, eller snarare avslappnad laugh Får unna mig det oftare, kan en stressad mamma behöva ibland! 

När Lennox sovit middag ska vi iväg och titta på lokaler till bröllopsfesten, kanske även boka ett datum för bröllop. Vi ska kika på Teleborgs slott och Elite stadshotell, helt olika ställen men får se hur lokalerna ser ut och deras paket osv. Sen blir det lunch tillsammans och lite annan shopping. 

På fredag ska vi åka förbi Asa herrgård då de ska ha bröllop då och vi fick åka och titta på hur dekorationerna kan se ut, så det ska bli spännande. Och på lördag ska jag vara på Bikbok city i Växjö mellan 13-15 om ni vill komma och säga hej. Då det är Karl-Oskar dagarna så kommer jag stå där och prata om mina program och ha lite erbjudanden :)


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In the search for long gown dress the ultimate strapless, I teamed up with fellow blogger Becky Mount to review the bras which claim to be the best on the market. With so many strapless bras available, as a 28FF and a 30G, we have tried to focus on ones which cater for a wider size-market, with big cup sizes and all the promises under the marketing sun. Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless: Sadly, the closest available size for me is a 30F which I forced myself into but surprisingly I didn't end up with a ridiculous cleavage you'd expect from a cup size too small. I felt supported, perhaps more so than I would in a 30G, and the bra didn't budge as I actually threw myself around the changing room. A clear winner for me, the back size was a little snug, perhaps adding to the support, but I had undeniable support with a decent cleavage to boot. Success! I'm so tempted to buy the 30F but I should get a slap on the wrist for considering buying a bra in the wrong size. But honestly, the Ultimate Strapless is everything I want in a strapless – mega supportive and actually quite aesthetically pleasing (see the lace version). I have worn a cup size too small in a strapless before, mostly for peace of mind, but I'm not sure this is the best advice! Unfortunately the range of sizes isn't great for both backs and cups which is frankly its only downfall. Wonderbra, please listen and change this! One tried and tested favourite although not a bra is the Ballet Eternal Bustier. With the option to remove the straps, for so long it's been my go-to strapless solution. I can't praise this item enough; it's absolutely beautiful, fits like a dream, and gives great support and definition. I know some people may be put off by the idea of a basque, but don't over look them! They can be a great alternative to a strapless bra, which lets face it, is a volatile item at the best of times. So, did we manage to choose a winner? Well not exactly. Different bras will suit different peoples needs so it is hard to call a once-an-for-all winner however we both loved the Wonderbra, a bra that we felt almost deserved its title as the ultimate strapless but for me, the ones I would spend my hard-earned graft on would be either the Deco strapless or the Panache Evie those I will be keeping! Image credits: Promotional images by Bravissimo

As a 28FF, I found I swimwear manufacturer was fairly limited with bras which made strapless bras in my size, finding not a single one much under 30 pounds. One brand in particular which seemed to cater generously for me was the UK champions Panache, who have multiple styles of strapless in catering for a 28+ back. Realising I finally needed to get back to my quest, I ventured to the nearest department store with a decent sized lingerie department. Three measly bras later, I took myself and my camera into the changing room for an afternoon of jumping up and down, throwing myself around, and generally making a lot of suspicious noises. Staff of Debenhams, I'm sorry. Gorgeous by Debenhams, plain strapless and droplet strapless: First up were two styles by Gorgeous at Debenhams – the black droplet embroidered and the black strapless. I soon discovered they're the same bra, different detailing, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing; why should a strapless be a plain moulded cup? Just because it's practical underwear doesn't meant it has to be hideous! They were both very supportive, barely moving as I bounced about the changing room which is brilliant. The sizing was spot on, the back feeling a little snug but not uncomfortably so, and I could imagine myself wearing one of these all day. I do have two criticisms though. As is sadly expected, there aren't many sizes on offer. Apart from that, I would have perhaps appreciated a bit more of an uplift, a bit of cleavage. Still, it's a practical, comfortable, supportive bra, and ideal for dreaded strapless clothing, I'd just have liked a little more shape. Ultimo Strapless: Personally, I'm not a fan of Ultimo products; I resent the blatant price discrimination and that aside I've not found a product that's fitted quite right, despite lusting after some of the Miss Ultimo designs. That said, I was willing to put my previous prejudices aside in the quest for a strapless but sadly, yet again, Ultimo was not meant to be. Their Miracle Strapless Multiway bra seemed versatile and practical, yet I didn't feel supported enough, perhaps the selling point for me, and after a few jumps around the changing room I had to hoick the bra back up and felt wearing it out would mean constant rearranging. Sorry Ultimo but you've yet to win me over.

Panache Porcelain: costume manufacturer Available from D to G cup, 28-38 backs.Just £14.95 (in chocolate brown) at BrastopAvailable in nude, white and black for £26.00 from Bravissimo You cant deny the support with this bra, but I couldnt help but feel that more than supporting me as a strapless should I was just being pressed and squashed in like a bandage. As a girl who doesnt have the most ample rack in the world, I dont want my boobs to be minimised and bound down, however for bigger-busted girls this of course may be a plus. I am doubting that the plunge shape would be great for a bigger chest, however, and despite this being all-in-all a good bra, not one I would recommend when up against the Freya Deco or the other bras that Panache have to offer. One great thing about it is the multi-way function, have it halterneck, cross-back, standard straps or strapless! This moulded plunging strapless bra is great for low cut party outfits. The shape and support, however is unrivalled and this is still a great contender for an ultimate strapless bra, especially since sizes smaller than 30 are available on request. Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless: Available from A to F cup, 30-38 backs.Available in nude, white and black for £34.00 and a lace-embossed version for £36.00 from Debenhams Last but not least I gave Wonderbras self-proclaimed Ultimate Strapless a go, and I was pleasantly surprised. Despite not having the best experience with Wonderbras (they start at a 30 back boo!) this one was tighter than the average 30 back and the 30F I found surprisingly wearable. As these bras are much more easy to come by than the others I tried, despite not being my personal favourite, would be definitely worth a try and for once a product lives up to its hype the hand-shape yet seamless moulded cups offer brilliant support it literally feels like you are holding yourself in! Heard nothing but good about this bra and I would probably buy one myself if they made a 28FF and if I wasnt so smitten with the Evie and the Deco. Over two years in the making, and this ultimate strapless bra by Wonderbra is guaranteed to revolutionise your strapless experience forever! Unlike other bras, the ultimate strapless boasts built-in hand shaped structures to the cups, lifting and supporting the weight of the bust for an enviable Wonderbra cleavage. Added silicone strips to the back band give the bra extra hold, ensuring long-lasting, non- slip support.85% of those trialed liked the product!Non wired The polycarbonate hands do all the work!Made from microfibre for a smooth look under clothes 49% polyester, 42% nylon, 9% elastane Hand wash Becky: For me, finding a strapless bra is a lifelong mission, and by that I mean strapless bra able to keep my G's in one place, that's comfortable, and doesn't involve me staying very very still.

The smooth seam free shape keeps those lumps and bumps under wraps, whilst the low cut front means you can wear this bra with even more outfits. Underwired moulded plunge bra3 hook fasteningPolyester polyamide elastaneFully adjustable, detachable straps that can be worn multiwayLow cut centre front Panache Evie: Available from D to H cup, 28-38 backs.Available in nude, white and black for £25.00 from Bravissimo I have been absolutely living in my Evie strapless. If you read my blog you may be aware of how much of a balconette fan I am which already puts the Evie in good stead with me. With strapless bras I feel like you need the extra surface area that a the balconette shape makes, with wires and cups that create great support and coverage for the bigger bust, all the better when you are lacking in straps. After asking a few girls on Twitter it is apparent that this bra isnt for everyone, but would definitely be, for me, one to try. Washes and wears wonderfully and almost seamless effect. Again has a multi-way feature! Yay! Also available in the stunning bridal edition for £31.00 at Bravissimo. This simple design with foam filled cups gives great shape and a smooth line up to H cup and the cotton lining adds extra comfort! Now in a gorgeous versatile nude, which is perfect to wear under your favourite party tops and dresses. Underwired lightly padded strapless3 hook fasteningPolyester cotton polyamide elastaneFully adjustable, detachable fabric shoulder strapsMulti-way straps Freya Deco: Available from D to GG cup, 28-38 backs.Available in nude, white and black for £31.00 from Bravissimo A promising bra which (as Freyas first strapless bra) has been eagerly-awaited by Freya fans and big-busted girls alike. For me it absolutely did not disappoint, and like Freyas classic best-selling Deco bra offers all the shape and support that a girl could ask for. The seamless moulded cups make this one a top-notch strapless, the light silicone in the inside seams prevents slippage and discomfort, and the genius engineering from Freya make this a top pick for me. A strapless bra that offers sensational cleavage and uplift? Yes, its true! Lots of Deco fans have been asking for this strapless version, so we hope you love it just as much. Underwired moulded strapless bra2 hooks in D cup, 3 hooks DD-FF, 4 hooks G-GGPolyester polyamide elastaneFully adjustable, detachable shoulder strapsMulti-way shoulder straps Ewa Michalak Czarny Strapless: Available from A to GG cup, 30-38 backs. (smaller back sizes available on request. in nude, white and black from A really low-cut strapless which would be perfect with a plunging neckline or strapless dress. Very comfortable and supportive with a hint of cleavage and gorgeous shape, however the cups are made from what can only be described as really firm polystyrene and this is a little off-putting especially in this colour and style as it looks and feels a tad cheap and plastic-y.

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FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogleStumbleupon halloween costumes outlet Tumblr Yes, you know exactly what this article will be about by looking at Jeniffer Anistons pictures. She was notoriously famous for that exact look in everyones favourite 90s series.

Times change but women all lingerie manufacturer china over the world are still dealing with this tricky situation on a daily basis, especially now when soft cups and sports bras are popular as ever. Not all women need special solutions, but some really struggle to feel comfortable and can rarely achieve the seamless look.


Weve been asking our followers underwear manufacturer china on Twitter for their ideas and excited to share a couple of tips with you: aim for the textured or small printed fabrics which will make you blend in due to its non-smooth look padded, moulded bras or those of thicker materials a very obvious one! positioning yourself exactly under the middle seam of the bra (sounds like some of us will make many trips to the ladies room for such adjustments) accessorising with scarves or waterfall cardigans or anything with ruffles/thick lace nipple covers and stickers which vary from polyester ones to silicone, however many women still find them visible under thin materials as they hide the pointy bit but exaggerate the outline some ladies admit to use their old bikinis inserts inside their bras scotch tape (for the less sensitiveouch!)

double bras To our surprise, quite a few readers mentioned that they dont find see-through nipples uncomfortable but in fact very feminine and seductive, while some of our naturally smooth ladies wished to have this problem and even confessed to have purchased special stickers to create the nippy illusion. The legendary Samantha did they same trick, do you remember?! What are your thoughts on this whole issue? Have we missed any solutions that help you? Wed love to hear from you, drop us a line FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogleStumbleupon Tumblr

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A Sophisticated corsets wholesale Pair are one of those lingerie businesses who have the perfect blend of social media genius, bra fitting know-how, knowledge and passion all coming together to make one great business which was bound to be a success story from the outset.

Not only are they world renowned wholesale halloween costumes for their excellent store, fitting calculator and online store, their blog has regular great content and their Youtube video bra reviews are some of the best on the internet.

Today, well catch up with the stores wholesale christmas costumes co-founder and main blog contributor, Erica. So, Erica, please could you give us a little introduction?

Im the co-owner of A Sophisticated Pair which is a speciality lingerie shop in Burlington, NC dedicated to promoting proper bra fitting techniques.  My goal is to help women experience that Aha moment when they realize how wonderful they can feel about themselves and their boobs in the right bra.  A few years ago, I was lucky enough to experience this feeling myself and knew then that every woman should get a chance to feel this way.  Originally, my focus was computer programming, but after years of research and wishing I could open my own store, I took the plunge and followed my dream.  Weve been open for over a year now, and I couldnt be happier because I enjoy going to work each morning and helping people in person or online through the blog.

When did you start your blog and why?

I started the blog shortly after we opened in July 2011 because I wanted an easily updatable platform to inform customers of the latest news for the store as well as for the lingerie world.  However, I also knew that I wanted to use the blog to provide additional information on bra fitting, to answer customer questions, and to offer reviews of products we carry.  As the blog gained momentum, I included topics ranging from body image to fashion to my personal struggles with weight.

Which other lingerie blogs do you read the most?

What a tough question!  Since my blog is a part of my business, I read a lot of lingerie blogs everyday because the bra bloggers not only provide great information about their latest purchases but also because they are a unique and diverse group of women dedicated to promoting positive body image and proper fitting techniques.

Where do you recommend people go get fitted?

Well, if youre in the area, I recommend coming to our shop!  If youre not, then I strongly encourage you to seek out an independently-owned lingerie boutique as they tend to have a strong commitment to helping you find the best bra for your needs, your lifestyle, and your body.  However, I also recommend learning how to fit yourself as it will give you a starting point size that makes you less likely to be fit into the wrong size by an inexperienced or unethical fitter.

Which brand do you think suits your shape and style best?

Im a big fan of Freya although I do wish they had more styles available in my cup size range.  The wire width is perfect for my body, and the cup shape works beautifully too.

What is your desert island lingerie set?

If I were stranded on a desert island, Id want my Panache Andorra and my Natori Bliss Girl Briefs.  The Andorra has enough coverage to make me feel secure when I move, but it is sexy too so that I have a little taste of home while Im stranded.  Since the Bliss Girl briefs are almost entirely cotton, theyll be comfortable while I wait for a rescue.

What, in your opinion, are the biggest upcoming trends in the lingerie world this Autumn/Winter?

In addition to the emphasis on dark blues and purples for the season, Ive seen a movement toward unexpected, even kitschy patterns like feathers, Russian dolls, or carousel wheels.  You see a lot of paisley, floral, and even animal print motifs with lingerie, and its nice to break the mould with something new and unexpected.

Are you a plunge or a balconette girl?

I love balconettes because I feel incredibly secure in them which is a necessity when your job involves moving around and bending over all day.  Nevertheless, I would love for Freya to make a plunge bra in my size!

What is your lingerie guilty pleasure?

Matching underwear!  Even though I know a certain bra will semi-match my basic underwear, I still indulge in the matching bottom.  Curvy Kate, especially, makes bottoms so gorgeous and flattering I just cant say NO!

What do you think is missing from the current lingerie market?

The current lingerie market feels somewhat homogenized to me.  First, there needs to be more variations in flesh-tone bras.  Not all people fit neatly into the color insultingly known as nude, and manufacturers should take this opportunity to create a range of colors for women with different skin tones.  Furthermore, the lack of options for women in smaller bands (24-30) and larger bands (46+) is problematic.  Women come in all shapes and sizes, but the lingerie world focuses primarily on 32-44 bands only.  Finally, as someone who wears a HH cup, I want to see more style options for women in higher cup sizes.  Once you exceed the UK G cup, the selection plummets, and if you wear larger than an H cup, be prepared to see mostly three or four section balcony cups.  Designers should open up to offering more plunges, padded bras, and even standard moulded cup tee shirt bras.

So if youre in the Savannah area, definitely make a beeline for A Sophisticated pair if not just check out their awesome website and blog. Thanks, Erica!

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